upgrade rom

  1. P

    [9.8.1] To latest rom?

    Hello. I bought Xiaomi Mi 9T back in 2019 and flashed there Xiaomi.eu 9.8.1 rom (Miui 10.5). There were some bugs but nothing major. Now, after 2 years, i would like to update my rom to latest version with lowest possible risk of hard bricking my device. To make everyone sure here what exactly...
  2. S

    What Next???

    Hello, I have had my MI 10T Lite for a few months now and I am extremely pleased with it... But now I need to play, so what should I do next??? I would like to make the phone better and probably more specific to the UK, should I install different Android Software? and TWRP? that I read about...
  3. T

    Questions before "upgrading" to Xiaomi.eu ROM

    Hey Guys, I'm new to this community, so please forgive me for my questions :) I'm using a Mi MIX 2S 128 GB and now that Xiaomi is supporting the device less and less I wanted to extend its life circle and upgrade to xiaomi.eu. But I have a few questions. First: Are normal MIUI Backups...
  4. claudio0222

    New in Family xiaomi, upgrade?

    soy nuevo en xiaomi, compre un xiaomi mi 8 se con miui10 y quiero actualizar a la nuevo la de android pie? como lo actialuzo? tengo que volver a instalar la rom desde la pc o en la app que dice actualizador? I am new to xiaomi, buy a xiaomi my 8 is with miui10 and I want to update to the new...
  5. bayu_putra

    Mi 4c Run Slow And Hot After Upgrading To Miui Stable Version 8.2

    Hi all, just upgrading my Mi4c via TWRP from (most stable i think.. ) to the latest stable, but it getting worst, its getting slow and hot cpu temp, any of you facing the same issue ? (rollback to and the problem solved).
  6. D

    Upgrade From Miui 6 To 8 - Mi3w

    I was not into MIUI/Xiaomi stuff for quite some time and now a friend of mine wants her Mi3W updated from MIUI 6 (5.6.xx weekly from decuro.de - very old and outdated) to MIUI 8 xiaomi.eu stable. I do a backup and just flash or do I need to flash a fastboot ROM first or anything else? What...
  7. J

    Mi Max 3/32gb Stuck On Mi Logo Each Time I Upgrade Rom, Help Me Please

    Hi all :) As I said in tittle it happens for the 2 last updates. After having flashed the phone is blocked on mi logo. I have only acces to fastboot but Mi PC suite does not see the phone...so I cant use it. I have upgraded all I could, adb, drivers, etc (on win7) but adb has yellow "!" on...