1. marcodor

    New Android Auto / Podcast audio through USB

    On MiMax3, latest beta 9.8.29 noticed that there is no audio on podcast apps. Not sure when it was broken, but in previous release it worked for sure. I reflashed/wiped, updated to latest AA 4.6.5933, updated Google Play Services, all possible permissions set. There is no clone apps/second...
  2. B

    Will This Work?

    Hi, i want to change the charging dock port of my Xiaomi MI4 since a micro-usb pin is broken. Will it work in Germany when i replace it with this? Its one of the few parts you find without LTE and the text on the connectivity module is very similar to the text on the original part (attached)...
  3. J

    Redmi Note 4 Global Usb Board With Micro

    Hello, I can't find usb board for my redmi note 4 global. It is broken, it's charging and in a while it stops. It works when i put a cable in special position. (yes, I've tried other cable for charging)
  4. nlacsoft

    3 Bugs Of Developer Mode On Miui 9

    Hi, can someone confirm the following, perhaps give me a hint? My device is a rooted Redmi 3 Pro, on the latest MIUI 9 weekly ROM 7.9.21. I did a totally clean install (wiped everything first) with TWRP. When i turn on developer mode (tapping some times on Settings/My Device/All Specs/MIUI...
  5. A

    Mi5 Usb Otg Formats Supported

    Hello, i have 64 usb type c otg. I discover that eu rom only support fat32. Since i dont want to have maximum 4gb files i want to use exFat is there any way? I don`t want to use the greedy and buggy total commander software, i want to use it with the original file explorer, is there some way...
  6. S

    Miui 8 & Usb Otg

    Hi! Using Mi5 64gb since April, and weekly since June. All is perfect, just one question and issues about MIUI and Usb Host function. 1) How can one see total space and free space of connected usb stick? As I see internal in native Explorer, ES manager, Xplore. 2) I copied big amount...
  7. J

    Where Can I Find Usb Drivers For Win7 Please?

    Hi all Mi lovers :) I can't find these win7 usb drivers for Mipad... Thanks for your kind help !
  8. Edgar62

    Usb Port Defect = Phone Bricked?

    Until two days ago, I was a very happy user of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Then I've got problems with my USB port. Apparently the phone was no longer charged via USB. Neither the wall plug nor a battery power pack seemed to have any effect. Percentage went only down. The accu check showed...
  9. Y

    Redmi Note 3 Usb Transfer Issues (smiui)

    I unlocked and flashed sMIUI 8 (6.7.21) to my redmi note 3 and this caused it to stop appearing on my windows 10 pc for file transfers. I've tried installing adb and mtp drivers and have tried a different pc, the problem seems to be with the phone. In device manager the phone shows up but is...
  10. E

    Connection To Pc With Usb

    Hi, i have a Mi5 with ROM 7.5 Stable by Xiaomi.EU, everything works but when connect mi5 to PC with UBS cable and try to copy file Mi5 to PC after 5-6 sec. get this message : You can not copy, the device has disconnected. I tried on windows 10 and on Windows 7. In Windows 10 doesn't work, ever...
  11. A

    Redmi Note2 Prime Mtp Issue

    My Redmi Note 2 Prime always disconnect automatically after being connected to the PC for a few seconds. I use the USB Mass Storage Enabler, the PC with Win 8.1 has the latest drivers, MI suit doesn't work. Since month I always have the latest weekly beta Rom, but this doesn't change anything...
  12. gbodurov

    Otg Problem

    Hello, I am observing the following really strange behaviour - initially everything with connecting an external usb camera was ok. My usb camera app received events asking for permissions for using usb camera. But after 3 or 4 full charges the app stopped receiving permissions. I checked with...