whatsapp problem

  1. byliu

    New The incoming WhatsApp calls don't appear on the screen when the phone was unlocked

    Hi everyone, I am using Mi 9SE and the MIUI version is MIUI 12.6 21.11.24 (weekly). The version of WhatsApp is the This problem is really strange because it was started from the summer. I have given all the permission to WhatsApp and enable notification permissions to WhatsApp. But...
  2. C

    Whatsapp no permanent access to internal storage?

    Good Morning, I have the Xiaomi.Eu Rom 12.5.3 currently on my Mi11 Ultra. I copied my old backup from Whatsapp to the Whatsapp folder and restored everything correctly when I set it up. Now the curious: The recovered media are displayed in the gallery, then the displayed files of 2132 photos...
  3. K

    [8.3.2] Send/receive Whatsapp Media Issue

    Hi guys, I recently updated to the first global beta of Oreo for mi5pro. Since I have two SIMs, I need two WhatsApp accounts. But after the update, I can't send or receive from the cloned WhatsApp any media. I don't know how to sort it out. Please help me thx
  4. F

    Whatsapp Automatically Stopped Everytime I Open The App

    Hello. I am redmi pro 3/64gb user and i have flash my redmi pro common rom into this weekly downloadable rom. Everything is going well except for whatsapp application. The whatsapp app is automatically has stopped whenever i open the app. Please advice how to solve this prob. Thanks
  5. S

    Issue With Dual Apps

    So I have a Mi Mix 6/256GB, I flashed TWRP and xiaomi.eu ROM 6.12.8beta. Part of the attraction of the Mix was the dual-SIM and the dual apps feature of MIUI 8, so I could use the handset with both my work and personal numbers and have separate WhatsApp accounts for both. But I seem to be...
  6. Y

    Whatsapp Massage

    hi . the whatsapp massage counter is not counting. always shows 1 message even though there are more than one message. please fix this issue in the next update.