widevine l3

  1. L

    Redmi note 11 L1 certificate

    I was using an aosp rom, phone freezed and i rebooted it. Now my phone lost l1 certificate. I have read that spes is in the renewable list, so if i install Xiaomi eu will i be able to recover l1? (I had persist backup, flashing it didn't work either)
  2. R


    I don't have the "widevine l1" certificate on my phone, only "FIDO" and "IFAA", can anyone help me with this?
  3. M

    Netflix L3 MIUI13.0.3

    Redmi K40 MIUI13.0.3 I can't use widevine L1 Settings updated not work
  4. F

    Resolved Widevine L3 without any flash

    My phone: Mi 9t (davinci) Hi, I was on EU Stable 12.1.2 with Widevine L1. A few days ago (I don't know exactly when it happend) it switched to L3 so I can`t watch Netflix in Full HD anymore. I tried installing newest weekly but still L3. I tried installing the Widevine L1 patch by @Poney70 but...
  5. L

    Widevine L1 on Redmi K20 Pro

    Friends, i have a Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition with Miui.eu rom. In some sites and forums i read that this phone haven't support for Widevine L1 certification, but anothers say that it have. Actually my smartphone has Widevine L3 certification. The real question is: Is there any way to watch...
  6. Poney70

    [ 9.12.12 and later ] [ Mi 9T and others ] Widevine is L3 now...

    Hello, the thread's title says all... Widevine was L1 in 9.12.5 and below on my Mi 9T but is L3 in 9.12.12. :( EDIT: Widevine L1 patch is available! See #14 :) EDIT 2: Widevine L1 is back in 20.1.21 beta ROM update for Mi 9T/Mi 9T Pro and others maybe!