wireless charging problem

  1. V

    Wireless charging doesn't work in mi 11 Miui 13 weekly room

    My wireless charging stopped working, the phone gets very hot, starts and stops the charge all the time.
  2. T

    Xiaomi Mi 11 Wireless charging slow

    I've purchased the official Xiaomi 55w wireless charger and despite my best efforts I have not been able to get it charging at full speed. Initially it was because I was using the 55w charger included with the mi 11 so I tried a 65w charger I had which was even worse, so I purchased the...
  3. M

    New [21.5.27] Mi 9 Wireless charging crashing constantly

    Issue occured after updating from Global stable to 20.12.28 and still occurs on 21.1.6. Whenever I charge my phone using original Xiaomi 20W Qi desk charger or 20W Qi car charger my phone stops charging after a few minutes, then restores charging after like one minute and whole process repeates...
  4. Z

    Mi mix 3 Few mods request

    Hi! Thanks for your job guys! I've bought mix 3 and flash your ROM - Good job indeed, but can you add few options? 1) center clock (its better reading there) 2) volume button next and prev on off-screen 3) PLEASE delete or add option to turn off animation of QI charging - in car holder it is big...
  5. Gerry003

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S wireless charging stopped working

    Today my Mi Mix 2S stopped working wireless charging. The charging logo is not shown on the screen nore its loading when put on the charger pad (Nilkin pad). Line charging is working well. EU Rom 8.5.17 is running on the Mi MIX 2S smoothly. Has someone an idea to resolve this issue of no more...