xiaomi mi 5

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    Whatsapp Won't Open Anymore

    Hey guys i have a Xiaomi Mi5 with Xiaomi.eu Stable (rooted) Whatsapp used to work fine but now it won't open anymore! keeps crashing... i don't know why... i tried to unistall it and install it again and it worked but after some minutes same problem... What should i do? P.S. i'm using an...
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    Mi5 Nougat 7.1.19 Global Beta Rom (offical)

    Link: http://en.miui.com/download-299.html http://bigota.d.miui.com/7.1.19/miui_MI5Global_7.1.19_668b027f8d_7.0.zip Xiaomi.eu link: http://tx2.androidfilehost.com/dl/s...2696814/xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_7.1.19_v8-7.0.zip Fastboot 1709M http://bigota.d.miui.com/7.1.19/gemi...409e0dc1a0.tgz MIUI 8...
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    Easy Way To Update Languages On An Global And Unlocked Mi5?

    Hello, I recently received my phone from **********, and updated it to MIUI Globale Stable. The phone has OTA (although not knowing yet what is the purpose of it) and works perfectly, apart from one thing: My native language, Norwegian, was not included in the language choices. I am a...
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    Xiaomi Mi5 Black Screen

    My phone has some days on my hands and today it turns off itself and I cant power on, cant fastboot, cant recovery and even the charging led isn't showing up when connected to charger. What can I do?
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    Audio Quality Mi 5 Vs Mi Note Pro

    Hi Guys , Does anybody know if the in built DAC(Qualcomm WCD9335) from the Mi 5 is good in comparaison with the ESS ES9018K2M from Mi note pro ? I imagine that there are obviously a difference but it's a huge one or not ? From what i have see review seems to say that the sound is clear and...
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    Xiaomi Mi 5: Reviews, Info, Benchmarks, Discussion

    Hello guys I want to share with you my Italian review of the Xiaomi Mi 5 High Edition (3GB of RAM / 64 Gb of Storage) . I bought it from the ******* shop! We can update this thread with other reviews ;D 1. VIDEO REVIEW 2. VIDEOS AND PHOTOS TEST Regards Paolo