1. momr35

    xiaomi mi 11 pro xiaomi.eu twrp to original version chinese version??

    hello i have xiaomi 11 pro which is original Chinese version i did xiaomi.eu twrp and i want come back to original Chinese version which is it ..? is it rkacnxm rom ?? or its firmware skacnxm ??? please help i want phone back to original because twrp is laggy and bugy and sloww!!
  2. momr35

    xiaomi mi 11 pro black screen after update

    hello ive did update to my xiaomi 11 pro it was xiaomi.eu twrp version ( rkacnxm ) version.. after that ive did restore to the original version chinese version ( rkacnxm ) was every thing okay and i ve locked the boot loader ... untill ive i did update from the phone in updater i did update to...
  3. J

    What kind of font is this

    Font Type Is This
  4. I

    Problem in account mi

    I can't open the account mi in my phone Mi8
  5. DarKnight2174

    Xiaomi.eu BETA to Xiaomi.eu Stable

    Hello guys. First of all I'd like to thank you all for releasing these marvelous ROMs to the world. I'm a newbie in this field and I'd like to know a few things. I have currently the 27.4.20 MIUI 12 BETA version in my Redmi Note 7. How can I switch to a Stable version of Xiaomi.eu ? Do I have...