1.8.19 and transfer rates with SD CARD

Jul 26, 2011
Quite impressive night....I have been looking around at 1.8.19 and find that an old problem still exists on all versions of MIUI ported for DESIRE GSM:
Transfer rate is very low when SD Card is used through MIUI. I got unbelieveble 50KB/sec :) . Then I boot to recovery, mount SD Card and got transfers upto 2MB/sec. My card is 8GB SD HC class 4 card.
Before I install MIUI i re-format it, partitioned it and then Aligned with Paragon alignment tool.
Does anyone have this problem too or it is just for me ??
Apr 2, 2011
I'm affraid it's relating to the kernel, the stock miui kernel have always been bad with SD transferring speeds..
Flashing other kernels, like manu or tiamat, can help with the problem though :)

Unless you are adb'ing alot, i can recommend getting wifi explorer from market and use this for transferring files to/from PC.