HTC (12.03 Port) MIUI Release 12/04

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by domineus, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. TeddyBe

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    Will there be a MIUI 1812 version soon??? :)

  2. sbr

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    domineus, this is one of the best build i have tried.. Good job man!!
    everything works .. and battery life is too good compare to other builds..
    having 24 hrs with Gmail & Email full sync, FB, Twitter on 1 hr basis.. having 30 - 60 mins of call..

    looking for a newer MIUI version.. :)
  3. kenpham

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    I see in XDA, Darkstone builds a Froyo that system file run on RAM, so the SD card is stressless. Do you think about this way for MIUI build?tks
  4. SimCity

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    Love this build

    Any chance we will see an update with the new port?

    Love your builds and thanks for your hard work!
  5. demux

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    This is by far the best MIUI build I've found. Stable, fast, and very low battery drain. Is there any way we could update it ourselves to the latest version? Or do you need to be an experienced cook to do that?

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