New 12T Pro Diting - somethings missing - Stable rom


May 21, 2023
Good morning, everyone! I just wanted to share my experience after installing the latest stable version on my 12t Pro Diting. Previously, I was using the EEA ROM. I noticed a few things that I'd like to bring to your attention. First, there are some missing Italian translations in the pop-up windows, like when deleting an image from the gallery. It would be great to have those translated as well. Additionally, I noticed that some entries in the developer settings menu are still in English instead of Italian. It would be more user-friendly if they were fully translated. Another issue I encountered is with the "Screen On" setting in the menu. It doesn't seem to be functioning properly, as there's a never-ending spinning hourglass. Lastly, I clicked on the "Tap to learn more" link in the "Mi Cloud" > "Cloud Backup" menu, but it redirected me to the bug reporting screen instead of providing more information. Overall, I appreciate the update, but it would be fantastic if these issues could be addressed for a smoother user experience. Thanks!