New 3.12.13 jfltexx GT-I9505 no wifi and custom kernel breaks boot

Dec 14, 2012
My device can not enable wifi on latest rom and I'm told that a custom kernel would fix it.

so far I have tried these kernels

All clean installs, device booted once to allow it complete install.
rebooted to cwm, cleaned cache and dalvik, installed zip and fixed permissions then rebooted.
all kernels hang after they finish optimizing and the message "starting programs" on the screen (white screen with the jelly-bean droid)

any thoughts on a fix? my data plan goes down the drain here :s


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Aug 20, 2011
So basically you can't install any of those custom kernels? Have you tried flashing modems? Are you sure you have i9505?

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Dec 14, 2012
@Acid Correct, I can not install any of those kernels, the device fails boot on each one and yes, it is a GT-I9505, international LTE. :)

@Cole07 I ran into a secondary problem with this device that made me think of modem software. After banging my head with this wifi problem I wanted to go back to 3.11.22, my last "good" rom and after I flashed it I was bombed with NFC-server force closes, which made it useless as I could not do anything else than click OK.

I have now looked through XDA and found out that I9505xxuemj7 was the previous modem software in use in Scandinavia, I have now flashed it back with MIUI 3.12.13 but it seems that wifi still doesn't work on this rom

will try and revert back to 3.11.22 and see if those FC still happen
Edit: still FC mayhem, "unfortunately, Nfc server has stopped" on unlock screen and it won't go away. will throw some more radios at it to see what happens..
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Nov 17, 2013
I looked xda for your device and issue, they warn about flashing modems/radios etc. Flashing these would make your device unusable. I hope you can find a solution, I'll share if I can find usable info...
Dec 14, 2012
well, my device still works, just not with any rom prior 3.11.29, and 3.12.13 got no wifi and a bucket of other bugs. guess I just have to sit down and wait for a new rom and hope it will work a little better than this one does.
Sep 22, 2012
When I got my SGS4 and immediately switched to MIUIv5, I've also got wifi-not-turning-on problem. Instead of trying a custom kernel, I've tried the suggested radio ( and it has resovled the issue. Even though the modem is not for my region (Russia), it still works fine in 2G/3G networks (haven't tried LTE yet), so I guess it should also be working fine in Scandinavia.
Dec 14, 2012
flashing kernels was a bust, as I wrote in my first post..

@blackuscatus I dug up on the net the file you mentioned and flashed it, initially, I did not have wifi but after a second reboot wifi worked again. thanks for the tip! :)