~3-5sec after ending a call, phone locks


Dec 13, 2013
This has been bugging me for quite a while now and im asking if this is just how it is or a setting or bug?

Scenario1: Phone is idle and locked, someone calls and I answer and end the call and phone locks again
Thats fine!

Scenario2: Im surfing web or doing activity on phone, someone calls and I answer and end the call and phone locks.
Not fine!

Scenario3: Im calling someone and after I end the call the phone locks again
Not fine!

There is always a slight delay before it locks after a ended call approx ~3-5sec but it isnt the actual delay thats bothering me, its the fact that it locks despite I wanna continue what I was doing.

And by locking I mean screen goes black and I need to press power button to get to lockscreen and drag finger to unlock phone which isnt that big of task but its just a small annoyance thats been buggering me on MIUI and not on other vanilla or AOSP/CM based roms.

Using a nexus 4 btw running 3.11.29 currently which is working really nice except for the little mentioned flaw/bug/setting :p

Hoping some of you know the dilemma or the cause
Thanks in advance!

Addition: Forgot to mention but incase anyone wonders, im using stock miui launcher and lockscreen. Not using any fancy addons or anything which can cause it since this was also happening at the very start before I logged into my google account and synced, getting apps etc. It was the same on a ~2month older miui version which I was running previously and since then I have done factory reset, formated system/data/dalvic cache really emptying the phone. Not running any other kernel either or other funky stuff.
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