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Feb 11, 2012
Status: Done

English ROM downloads

Multilang ROM downloads


We have two kind of MIUI v5 roms for Galaxy S2, HTC One X and Galaxy Note 2.
  • official MIUI roms based on Samsung/HTC firmware Android 4.1.2
  • unofficial MIUI ports based on AOSP/CM Android 4.2.2.
You can use official or ported MIUI.
Be aware that you have to make full wipe in recovery if you're comming from 4.1.2 official to 4.2.2 ported MIUI.
Make sure which rom you are downloading. Android base number is in file name: 4.1 (official) or 4.2 (port).


Xiaomi devices:
  • Install via OTA or Updater app
Other OFFICIAL devices:
  • Install via OTA or Download and flash Multilang
  • Install Gapps
  • Gapps 4.1.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.1 in file name.
  • Gapps 4.2.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.2 in file name.
Other UNOFFICIAL devices and PORTS:
  • Download and flash our current Multi language ROM in CWM
  • Install Gapps
  • Gapps 4.1.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.1 in file name.
  • Gapps 4.2.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.2 in file name.
Nexus 7 and other tablets:
  • Download and flash our current Multi language ROM in CWM
  • Install Gapps
  • Gapps 4.4.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.4 in file name.

  • Follow XML changes in ENGLISH v5 repo here
  • Our translation guide is here
  • Check for errors in your repo here
  • Follow our MIUIv6 for Nexus 7 here
Give kudos to your translators. This is a huge group effort and continues to grow bigger.

Languages included in MIUIv5 devices:
Language included in Nexus 7 and other tablets:

  • All credits to @Roeano for T9 dialer mod - any issue or request report here
  • Xiaomi M1/S will not get Multilang v5 because of small /system partition.
  • Translators - you can now translate Simple clock widget clock here
  • MIUI Changelog + See CHANGELOG for your language...
  • Xiaomi changed rules for OTA and we cant use our servers anymore.. So we have to use only Xiaomi servers which are really slow.. sorry for that...
  • We have 2 Galaxy S4 roms: jfltexx (port) for GT-I9505 and official ja3g for GT-I9500 variant.
  • Gapps for Xiaomi Mione
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Feb 11, 2012

Fix - Sometimes entering Settings would cause FC (3-18)
Fix - When deleting an account, the number of unsynced contacts displayed in notification message was incorrect (3-18)

Fix - When creating a new message, selecting a recipient with a long name would cause the text box to display incorrectly (3-18)

[Security Center]
New - New version of Data usage monitor, redesigned UI, and new features (3-18)
New - Permissions manager kernel upgraded to LBE V3 (3-18)
Optimization - Faster cache clearing and virus scan (3-18)

Optimization - Air quality measuring station info added (3-18)
Fix - Sometimes user couldn't disable auto-locate function (3-18)
Fix - Sometimes tapping air quality details would cause FC (3-18)

Optimization - Smoother scrolling for lists (3-19)
Optimization - Descriptions in Theme Store now support multiple languages (3-19)
Optimization - List view takes up less memory (3-19)
Optimization - Notification when user's limit of authorized devices is exceeded (3-19)
Fix - Sometimes themes had system permissions issues (3-18)
Fix - Sometimes, when changing between Paid and Free themes lists in the Themes Store, content would display incorrectly (3-19)

Optimization - On the "Shared devices" list, devices you've connected to previously are marked (3-19)
Fix - Sometimes favorites wouldn't sync automatically (3-19)

Xiaomi Hongmi Stable 13.0 CHANGELOG
REDMI Stable 13 changelog:

MIUI ROM Update Highlights
New - Security center now includes Optimize, Cleaner, Data usage, Blocklist, Power settings, Virus scan, and Permissions (7 features) (12-11)
App location function added in Global Search (12-18)
New - Themes can be given as gifts (12-25)
New - Video supports offline downloading (only for some sources now) (12-25)
New - Video sync supported in Cloud albums (12-25)
New - Samba file share access supported in File Explorer (12-25)
Xunlei download engine added to increase your downloading speed by 70% (01-03)
User can view list of themes that they have already purchased (01-08)
When user is clearing garbage, they can tap garbage files to view, clean, or lock (01-08)
User can set up shortcuts for different actions on the Home screen (01-08)
Delete batch call logs (01-17)
Optimized MIUI Weather App: More ways to share Weather info (01-22)

Optimization - Logic of redailing the train ticket booking number (12-31)
Fix - Some parts of the dial pad were displayed incorrectly (12-17)

Optimization - When user is not signed in to Email account, tapping a contact's picture on their cover page will display their Email address (12-17)
Optimization - Groups added to Contacts main page (01-07)
New - Delete batch call logs (Open “Keypad” , press “Menu”, click “Delete batch” and select the call logs you want to delete) (01-13)
Fix - When user had too many contacts, group delete would fail (12-10)
Fix - When an unknown number was added to contacts, sometimes the list view would not be displayed correctly (12-17)
Fix - When using the +17951 and +86 prefixes to dial the same number, the number would display as two separate numbers in call history (12-17)
Fix - Sometimes, when syncing contacts from SIM card to phone, app would FC (12-17)
Fix - When user had no contacts, the "Select all" button could still be tapped (12-17)
Fix - On contact's detail page, birthday was displayed incorrectly (12-17)
Fix - When contact's detail page had 3 tabs, the triangle indicating the current tab would not align properly (12-17)

Optimization - Right arrow added to notification message groups (12-10)
Optimization - When you pin a notification message, it will be displayed at the top of the message list view (12-10)
Fix - When airplane mode was on, user would be reminded to re-sign in to their Xiaomi Account (12-17) (12-17)
Fix - Outing going message status icon displayed incorrectly (12-19)
Fix - Marking all notification messages as read will not affect private messages anymore (12-31)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization - Custom notifications will now change along with system language (01-21)

New - Search for new apps (12-17)
New - Added Gausscian Blur effect for dynamic framework (12-31)
Optimization - Auto-complete search: User doesn't need to enter the full name of the app or file they are looking for to view search results (12-17)
Optimization - Animation effect for app location function in global search (12-24)
Optimization - Ripple effect after user releases long press on an icon (01-07)
Optimization - Other system apps are allowed to delete shortcuts (01-07)
Fix - When system language was set to traditional characters (Taiwan), “移除” was displayed as "Uninstall" (12-10)
New - Video sync supported in Cloud albums (12-25)
New - User can view list of themes that they have already purchased (01-07)
Optimization - Smoother animation for slide action on the comments page (01-07)
Optimization - Memory use optimization for previewing wallpaper (01-07)
Fix - Sometimes applying a theme would cause app to FC (01-07)
Fix - Recommended portion at the bottom of the Featured page would disappear (01-07)
Fix - Sometimes Themes app FC (01-14)

New - Video sync supported in Cloud albums (12-25)
New - Cloud albums support downloading original pictures (12-25)
New - Move pictures to other albums (12-31)
Optimization - Logic of Cloud albums automatically uploading (12-25)
Optimization - Cloud album upload detection logic (01-07)
Optimization - SMB guide and icon (01-07)
Optimization - Uploaded video names will not display the file extension (01-21)
Fix - Going to Settings > Display > Screensaver, would cause app to FC (12-12)
Fix - When downloading pictures or videos, the downloaded files don't show in Gallery because of some wrong files (12-24)
Fix - Screensaver won't stick after rebooting (12-25)
Fix - Some bmp pictures with the jpg. extension cannot be set as wallpaper (12-31)
Fix - Sometimes there's no response when download original pictures or videos (12-31)
Remove - Additional filter SMB services in addition to Mi Wi-Fi (01-07)

New - High Quality Music service (pay per month) (12-17)
New - Song select feature for Leishi KTV consoles (12-17)
New - Sync playlist feature (12-17)
New - Support using MiCredits to buy higher quality online music (12-31)
Optimization - Added guidance prompt for Online music (12-25)
Fix - In Settings, the Filter by folder function wasn't displaying correctly (12-10)
In File Explorer, when demoing a music file, if headphones were disconnected, the Play button did not refresh (12-10)
Fix - On the main page, touching "Get song info (ID3)" multiple times would cause FC (01-07)
Optimization - Cannot download higher quality music immediately after purchasing (01-14)

Optimization - Updates automatically when connected to network (01-07)
Optimization - Location function for cities outside mainland China. (01-16)
Optimization - Weather warnings are only displayed when system language is set to Simplified Chinese (01-21)
Optimization - If a city name hasn't *obchod*porusuje*nasu*licenciu translated into the current system language, it will be replaced by the local language automatically (01-21)
Optimization - More ways to share Weather info (01-22)
Fix - Sometimes, weather widget doesn't show current weather condition (12-25)
Fix - Weather widget cannot update timely after deleting locations in weather app (12-31)
Fix - Some themes cannot get weather data (12-31)
Fix - Sometimes duplicate weather advisory warnings would be sent (01-07)
Fix - The same weather alert appears repeatedly in Notification sheet. (01-16)
Fix - After switching system language, Weather widget would display incorrectly (01-21)

New - Default app settings (12-11)

New - Added Xunlei engine, increasing downloading speed by 70% (12-31)
Fix - File formats and links to apps were incorrect (12-17)
Fix - Sometimes downloaded files would not display app icons (01-08)

New - Quick search in the notification bar (12-25)

Clock / Calculator
Optimization - Updated 2014 holiday info for China ("work days" for alarm settings) (12-19)

New - Support offline downloading videos (only for some sources currently) (12-23)
Searching for videos in DLNA using Chinese pinyin added (12-25)
New - Added more video sources (12-25)
New- Mi Link function notification (01-22)
Optimization - Combined Video player and Video app (12-23)
Optimization - Merged cached offline video playback and streaming online player histories (01-08)
Optimization - My videos list now displays types (01-08)
Optimization - Enhanced loading speed of video lists (01-15)
Optimization - For Mi Link, when there is only device, it will be displayed directly on the screen (01-22)
Fix - Sometimes when user was streaming content, app would FC (12-19)
Fix - User couldn't delete items in "My videos" list view (12-19)
Fix - Sometimes the sound doesn't disappear when changing channels continuously (12-25)
Fix - When playing videos in Cloud albums, it shows Local instead (12-25)
Fix - Online TV exists after only pressing the Back button once (12-25)
Fix - When watching online videos, connect device with computer will cause the video to reload (12-31)
Fix- Sometimes offline videos cannot pause (12-31)
Fix - When downloading offline video, click on the video name on status bar will not lead to the correct video (12-31)
Fix - No thumbnails for cached offline videos (01-08)
Fix - Sometimes videos' (in the Notification shade) cached notifications would disappear (01-08)
Fix - Sometimes when watching a live stream, phone would lock automatically (01-08)
Fix - Sometimes, advertisements would prevent videos from playing (01-08)
Fix - Cannot play vob files (01-15)
Fix - Video app FCs after it fails to analyze file path (01-15)
Fix - Sometimes cannot load the posters of online videos (01-15)

MiCredit Center
New - After top-up card QR code is read, app will complete top-up automatically (12-18)
New - Details page for user purchase and top-up history (12-18)
New - Horizontal view added for pop-up payment windows (12-18)
Optimization - When user needs to enter a password, keyboard appears automatically (12-18)
Optimization - Lock screen hides user account info (12-18)

Xiaomi Account
Fix - Avatars of MiCloud service were blurred (12-25)

Game Center
Fix - It still downloads pictures after choosing Reduce mobile data usage (12-25)
Fix - The links in Online support cannot be clicked (12-25)

Security Center
New - Security Center now includes Optimize, Cleaner, Data usage, Blocklist, Power settings, Virus scan, and Permissions (7 features) (12-10)
New - User can set up shortcuts for different actions on the Home screen (01-07)
New - Clean up can now detect empty files (01-07)
New - When user is clearing garbage, they can tap garbage files to view, clean, or lock (01-07)
Optimization - Increased Data usage calibration success rate (12-11)
Optimization - In Permissions, user can view blank pages display format (12-19)
Optimization - After check process is complete, new title displayed at Cache Clean Up page (12-19)
Optimization - The whitelist in Memory usage is the same as the apps locked in the task manager (12-26)
Optimization - "Power save" control flow (01-07)
Fix - After check process was complete, tapping the Clean up button would cause app to FC (12-19)
Fix - After apps were designated as risks or viruses during scan, when user tapped app to view details, the app size would display as "0" (12-19)
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May 17, 2013
I feel, still have to wait a lot to get v6 based on kitkat... :'(

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Mar 9, 2014
Thank for update :) I have two things that do not work well.
1) After reboot phone , i have may be 2xtimes error ebaut using microsoft echange. The APP has error witch close program, when I open it again its ready..
2) Still have problém with people in calling. when I call of when they still have a echo themselves.
( in setting sound i have only 1 mic and second is fix by tape..)
thank for help.


Mi Mix 2S Tester
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May 17, 2013
Why no vibration when get Tapatalk notification? Vibration switch on. Is there any setting to enable vibration for Tapatalk?

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Mar 21, 2014
hi, i've installed 4.3.14 multilang then gapps for jb. my problem is play store is downloading too slowly. but web pages open with normal speed. the only problem is with downloading from play store. what did i do wrong? i've wiped everything and tried to install rom several times
Mar 11, 2012
I am here after a long time but it's never taken this long for Roms to upload. Is it because of the number of devices have gone up?

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Nov 11, 2013
update about this week is already done??? because in status says: Pendent. We just can get new update r wait until status is DONE? thanks
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