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Nik Tsouk

Sep 11, 2016
Installed yesterday on my Mi8. Everything is working fine except i can't get notifications on my mi band 4.

Installed a 3rd party app called notify and fitness which fixed the problem but only temporarily. Today that app doesn't work also.

Anyone has the same problem?


Jan 27, 2018
After one day without reboot mi8 started lags. After reboot it returned to normal fluid work.
Edit: after disabled Bluetooth I have to reboot phone. I cannot enable it again without that.
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Aug 4, 2018
Everything ok with my Mi 8. No problems with the installation. Thanks to the developers.


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Pedro Fernandes

Jul 9, 2017
Pedro Fernandes

We have 3 Mi8's in our house, i just finished setting up the 3rd with this rom. We have absolutely no issues on any of our Mi8's. Many of the people on this thread have no issues. Most all of my friends with Mi8's on XDA have no issues.

If you are having an issue it is due to something that you did, most likely corruption or a permissions issue. here is where people get confused. What does a Clean install mean to you? Most people think that it means wipe, many of those people wipe too much. Such as system or persist.....this happens a lot, when people hurry to install and skip the instructions.

If you were previously using the last Xiaomi.EU build, I am guessing that maybe your were you the hack stereo mod, there is no need to use that since this rom already uses a stereo effect using convolution reverb.

Here are some steps that should guarantee a working install. Maybe a little bit overkill, but at the end of the day, will probably save you a lot of time

1. Do a full clean wipe , which means format Data, type yes, then reboot to recovery, then go to Wipe and swipe. if this is successful proceed. if it fails you have partition corruption and will need to restore using the flashall.bat method.

2. Assuming that you could wipe data, reboot phone to fastboot and flash miui_MI8Global_V10.3.5.0.PEAMIXM_db02d24cf1_9.0 via adb ( if you have a global device, otherwise use the latest fastboot rom for the china Mi8 device.) This will restore any corrupted partitions. - Alternatively you could unpack the rom twice and use the flashall.bat method with the phone connect and in fastboot mode.

3. After successful flash, install Twrp following the instruction available on this site for rom installation.

4. After you have successfully install rom and TWRP, you have two choices. Setup and make a full TWRP backup so that in the future you can avoid doing these steps again or Go to step 5

5. Go to wipe, swipe to factory reset, then install xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_9.10.11_v11-10

Now setup, you should have no issues.

Do not install Magisk until you have setup the phone, do not install mods such as xposed or gimmicky stereo mods. Enjoy.
Mine is like a charm

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Mar 20, 2019
In Mi 8 speaker works after making a call with speaker on. But after reboot it goes back to not working :(


Oct 12, 2019
Hello Guys,
The only TWRP version that seems to work on my Mi 8 Chinese version is the recovery-TWRP-3.2.3-0214-XIAOMI8-CN-wzsx150.img. All others that I’ve tried don’t work, I cannot boot into recovery mode, either from fastboot or from OS.

I have tried several versions of the TRWP:


I think I´m doing the right steps because I can install at least one of the TRWPs I have.

This might be the reason to why I cannot update to xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_9.10.11_v11-10.zip. The flash with the only working TWRP that I have goes OK but it stucks on boot Mi Logo. Maybe the recovery-TWRP-3.2.3-0214-XIAOMI8-CN-wzsx150.img is not compatible for flashing Android Q.
Any ideas? Really would like to try the Android 10 version.



Aug 4, 2018
I have taken from mauronofrio and everything works. Have cleared before the flash cache and Dalvik and after flashing again.


Nov 10, 2018
I'm on 9.10.11 since yesterday.
First I had several problems, but now most seams to be ok.
But right now I have a problem with up an download of attachments in googlemail and to or from google drive. It nearly takes for ever download content.
On my laptop everything is working normal.
Anybody else with this problems?
Edit: And right now the Google Play Security information is updated since more than 10 minutes. That's not normal...
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Mar 17, 2017
In My MI 8 SE all wrigth

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Hello, I would appreciate a little feedback on this update in the MI8 SE, since in the other models I am reading several and diverse problems.
Do you recommend installing it, for day to day?


Dec 20, 2018
Why is there people that dont have problems with there Mi8 keep saying in other words that we did something wrong ? I am a Android user since Cupcake (2009), i dont know how to write programs, i know just a little of SQL, so, i did everything by the book, clean install, because we passed from 9 to 10, if you dont have any problem, good for you, we that have problems, what we need to do is to send reports to this EXCELLENT DEVS.

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Jul 13, 2019
i hope developer can upgrade the icon or make the icon default, since new miui 11 default icon is using square. I hope can consider it. Thanks

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