About Weather.apk And Roms Of Xiaomi.eu

Mar 25, 2016
On xiaomi [DOT] eu/community/threads/how-is-this-different-than-miui-com.18629/ (How is this different than miui.com?) you say:
miui.com releases include a Weather.apk application which has a hardcoded list of cities for weather. It lacks any proper API like (weather.com) so you can not get weather in any place outside of China. Due to this reason, we remove this apk.
This is not true.

I've used the Global Developer ROM from miui.com since v5.10.26 until v6.3.3 for Redmi Note 2. There is Weather.apk and I can use it with my city (in Spain) or any other city (i.e. London in UK). Note that they are places outside of China. It really includes a hardcoded list of Chinese cities for weather, but you can configure new locations via manual search or GPS location. So there is no problem.

Everybody can easily check it (or you can see the attachment screenshot for London).

So, you could hold this APP in the ROM of xiaomi.eu because nowadays there is no reason to remove it.

I think it's very interesting for users because it's free and doesn't have ads.

Could you consider it, please?

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