accelerometer not working when screen is dim / off

May 2, 2013
I recently installed Sleep as Android and Sleepbot, but I cannot get these programs to run correctly.

The following is happening:

I start the application and put it in sleep mode. You will see the accelerometer returning values (you see the graph moving up and down). But, after about 30 seconds, the screen turns dim (not off!). When this happens, the accelerometer does not report anymore movements, and the graph turns completely flat.

Using de Mi2S with the newest MIUIandroid english rom (6.14)

Are there any Mi2S owners who has one of these programs working? Can you tell me what ROM version you are using and what settings you have specified in the settings of Sleep as Android?
Jul 15, 2013
It works on stock JLB17 and doesn't work on JLB18.
UPD. On JLB20 accelerometer doesn't work when screen is off. Though unlike JLB18 it works with lockscreen on (when backlit)
Looks like i stuck with 17 :)
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