New ActionBarSherlock + AndroidAssetStudioTheme tab highlight problem

Apr 25, 2012
hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone of you have an idea about this or this is a bug somewhere :|

i used the example in ActionBarSherlock Sample project from

Then I applied the default theme to the app from,100&secondaryColor=D6D6D6,100&tertiaryColor=F2F2F2,100&accentColor=33B5E5,100

This is the strange behavior. When I am checking the Activity with navigation as Tabs (ActionBar.NAVIGATION_MODE_TABS), the first and the last tab is not highlighting as soon as I apply the theme on MiUI ROM running on HTC One X

The same app is running fine on stock android, emulators, and every other configuration

Can someone help?

I have attached the Sample Project. I have also attached the snapshot of each tabs and indicated what I mean