airplane mode problems

Jan 28, 2015
Hi, I just bought a Mi4, and i'm having problems with the battery on airplane mode, battery goes down about 12-15 % in 8 hours in airplane mode, wich seems too much.
-I've done a clean install of many roms, now i have stock 5.1.23
-I've killed second plane proccesses using greenefy, halt apps with Titanium (mi frameworks)
-I've done a clean fastboot install, without the sem card, with the same battery consuption.
-After checking WakeLockDetector (WLD), it says there is no second plane app consuming battery. Also checked it using Trickster MOD, confirming the phone is in Deepsleep, but anyway the battery is consuming the same.
-I've done a battery calibration with Battery Calibrator.

My phone is black, 16 GB, i've read other users with the same problem, some people say it could be due to the proximity sensor.
Anyone could help? Any idea or way to know what is consuming the battery and how to stop it?
Thanks in advance.
Jul 27, 2013
i think it's a bug of miui.
tried everything but airplane battery's draining is nonsense...
Options are
1-turni it off
2-just off the data and silence the phone... if i don't have wi fi and data and only the line i see battery drains so much less....

I don't know what else to say but i feel also the phone gets warmer in airplane mode. I had this problem with mi2 too anyway
Jan 28, 2015
Hi. Thanks for the reply. I see no other solution solution. It is unfortunate that an xiaomi phone MI4 have these problems. And the saddest thing is that it´s happend to me :(