Aktualizacja oprogramowania Xiaomi Mi11 Pro


Jul 22, 2021
Hello everyone, I bought a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro with TWRP and MI12.5.7 xiaomi.eu already loaded.
The phone detected new firmware 12.5.10 downloaded it and the phone reset and booted into TWRP.
After a short walk around the Chinese menu, I was able to change the language and find the newly downloaded rom xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11Pro_Mi11Ultra_V12.5.10.O.RKACNXM_9f5d14b460_v12-11.zip and start the installation.
After a second, a lot of red errors popped up and the installation was aborted.
I restarted the phone and found the phone only turned on to the white background and that was it.
Luckily, I was able to re-enter TWRP and find the old 12.5.7 firmware and install it without issue.
The phone works but I don't know how to update correctly.
I am asking for help with the update and please be understanding as I am a novice in this matter.

best regards
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Mar 18, 2017
This is an international forum. Use English if you wanna get any help, or go to https://miuipolska.pl/forum for help in Polish. You can write PM to me as well.

To jest forum międzynarodowe i używamy tu angielskiego. Pomoc po polsku na https://miuipolska.pl/forum, ewentualnie możesz napisać do mnie PW.