Alcatel OT-990 port

Dec 30, 2012
Hi guys. I was able to port MIUI to the Alcatel OT-990 device to some point. Now there are two problems with this port:

1. Wireless does not work
2. Busybox and Superuser does not work

What I know so far is that the folders /system/xbin and /system/wlan are not accessible or not existent in the device after flashing. I can't be sure if they actually do exist or not since the busybox and superuser does not work because of the /system/xbin folder, so I can't chmod, ls and execute other busybox commands. I've tried to set explicit permissions in updater scripts but it did not work for me.

Here is the link for the ported ROM, if someone has the time to check it out :)
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