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Der Unibrow

Jun 4, 2021
Hi. This morning I got in trouble.
My phone is Mi9T (davinci), 64GB storage. TWRP 3.4.0. Previous MIUI was 12.0.
As I usually do I formatted the Data with TWRP, then uploaded the image and installed it. As usually Factory Reset etc. Reboot, setup and then I find out that I'm out of space. 61.1GB of 64GB is occupied by System!
On 'My Device' tab it says that only 15.8GB is occupied, but when I tap 'Storage' it shows me that 64.1 is occupied. And I cannot install any app. I cannot get an access to the storage via PC.

If anybody has any suggestion on what is the problem with my phone I will really appreciate that!


Oct 3, 2019

First, it's not clear if you are using Stable or Weekly version and what version exactly...

Then, install the latest TWRP for your device (davinci) =>

== How to install a new TWRP ==

1) Download the latest TWRP on your phone

2) Boot to your current TWRP => Go in "Install" menu => Tap on "Install Image" button => Find and tap on the new TWRP image and select "Recovery" partition => Swipe to flash it

3) After that, go in "Reboot" menu => "Recovery" to boot in the new TWRP version

== Format the /data partition in F2FS ==
  1. Go in "Wipe" menu
  2. Tap on "Advanced Wipe"
  3. Select the "Data" partition
  4. Tap on "Repair or Change File System"
  5. Tap on "Change File System"
  6. Select F2FS
  7. Swipe to Change
  8. After that, you can reboot your device :)
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Der Unibrow

Jun 4, 2021
I haven't change anything. Just formatted the Data two more time. The second time when I did it after the firmware installation (not before) it helped. Now everything is ok. I use Weekly version. It happened during my attempt to upgrade it to 12.6.