New Animation Bug In 6.5.12

Jan 9, 2016
I've been using this ROM (6.5.12 hermes) for some days now, and I have to tell that it is great, but I've discovered an annoying bug.
The bug appears when I tap on the "running apps" button or I swipe down for the notifications/search/settings and the background blurs in white color (I think it's new, because it was black before?)
So the bug is that the blurred background is usually not the same one as I am on at that moment. It is usually the screen I was on before. E.g: I am on my home screen 1 then I swipe right for home screen 2 and I swipe down for my notifications and the blurred background is home screen 1. It looks weird, especially when the difference is bug between the two screens.
I hope you can deal with it in the next build.
Have a nice day and keep up the good work.