ant rollback of redmi 6 pro

Sep 13, 2018
my redmi 6 pro is based on android oreo miui 9 china stable and its have anti rollback.
now i want to flash the eu rom wich is based on miui 10
if i flash the latest version of miui 10 rom with twrp, does this brick my redmi 6 pro?
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Apr 8, 2016
I'm also afraid to brick the phone with this rollback protection on Redmi 6 PRO.
I know you can load a newer version to an earlier version or the same version without bricking.
I have now the Chinese latest stable version of on the phone.
Is this version on made from exactly that version or is some older one with same number?
If this is the same version I assumed, it will not be a problem if I load this version from ""
But I'm not 100% sure and I'm afraid :(
Has anyone tried this latest version from to load on the latest Chinese rom?