any latest ROM (dev) that not kill your battery ?


Jun 17, 2016
i'm using mi 5 pro with dev (usually)now i'm on stable
before this i'm on 8.1.1 and happy with it
i upgrade to 8.3.4 and my phone getting hot (batt temp 40-42 degree)
bad batt live
after 2 days i upgrade it again to 8.3.26 (latest nougat)
still having problem with batt but temp only at 36-40
all after 8.1.1 seem to having problem with android system
wih more than 25% at battery used
after a week i flash stable and every thing back to normal
no heat (only 30-34 on temp) no bad battery live

is there any dev rom that not having trouble with android system pior to 8.1.1 ?
or oreo better at battery live than stable ?
no matter how good your phone if your battery depleted it is no use right?
Nov 24, 2014
Hi, I stay on the same version as you: 9.5.2. Battery is okay. Not spectacular for me (4 hours of SoT max) but no drain issue.
Maybe some older versions of this ROM using Android v6 can perform better. After all, more features in software means more demanding tasks for our old Mi5 hardware. Normal that recent Android may slow down a 2016 device.


Jun 17, 2016
slow down maybe
but 3 times daily charging just because of software update?
and when back to "old" version all back to normal?
i think miui must be better than this

i don't do root anymore and i need nfc for payment
so is the best option for my mi 5
china had stable and more but us?
MIUI 10 still suffer the same issue with android system that drain battery

or may be google just evil as plain as that who knows?o_O:eek::D:D
Sep 9, 2016
Some people in local Romanian forum say battery got much better with MIUI10 dev, at least after 8.5.24. One of them, using 8.7.5, said that he got 3h SOT and battery is still above 50% and the phone is 1.5 years old, so that is very good.