New Apps installed by Device Policy are not showing up in launcher but they are installed!


Jan 31, 2018

My company uses a device policy to install business related apps. Those get automatically installed See:
2018-08-30 10.30.06.png

But in the launcher only a few show up (No they are not on any other pages)

Missing are "Calendar" and "Slack" and "Zoom" etc...

2018-08-30 10.29.40.png

I can start the apps from the Play Store List, so they *are* installed..

Any clue what is happening here ? And troubleshooting step? Could a wipe/clean/start from scratch be an option here (lot's of work...)
This is a Redmi Note 4x with MIUI 10 8.8.23 Beta. Same problem was also there in Miui 9.0.
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