Are there already well known consequences when unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra?


May 4, 2021
Hello everybody :)

First of all: I love this forum as it is really informative and it provides a lot of essential infos. So thank you first of all to all of you for your great work :D

I purchased a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and started the unlocking process of the bootloader. Currently I'm waiting these 7 days to pass. I plan to install the Stable ROM on the device. My question so far is: When unlocking the bootloader does Netflix still work in HD and are Services like Google Pay (Not Play :p) working?
I do not find any proper information on this in different forums. A lot of people claim it might not work, but is there any prove now?
Did anyone already flash his phone and can maybe provide some insights?

Thanks in advance for your time and help :)

Best Regards