AX3600 in mesh configuration, failing wifi and constant NTP calls


Feb 14, 2016

I've setup two AX3600 routers with Chinese firmware into a Mesh, the base router is configured as "cable router" (so basically it's an Access Point). When all is good, the mesh works really well but every few hours the wifi first starts to act up and then disappears entirely. After a few minutes or after rebooting the routers, everthing gets back to normal. When trying to debug the problem I've noticed in my DNS logs (pi-hole) that the secondary router (the mesh node) constantly keeps asking for NTP houndreds of times per minute, it calls URLs like:

This is certainly not normal and it's possible that this overloads either the network or the router itself. I have found no information at all what could be causing this. One thing I did notice is that the time and timezone on the secondary router doesn't match the one on base router. It should be synchronized automatically but it isn't and it's impossible to edit it.

I wonder if installing the Global firmware would help but I've also read that the global firmware has far worse wifi signal. I have found a modification that should improve the wifi signal but it looks very difficult to apply and I'm affraid I could brick my router.

Any help and/or suggestions on what I could do would be very much appreciated. Also if anyone has experience with running AX3600 in mesh on Chinese or Global firmware, I hope you can share it.

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