B*t*h and whine about Android One....


Jan 17, 2016
Just replaced my good old mi4c (4.5 years in service with MIUI 8.1 on it) with a Nokia 7.1...
It has been 2 days and I already regret it
Android One sucks

So far, annoyances I've found:
* annoying search bar stuck at the bottom, can't even be moved. Must install another launcher to get rid of it..
* No silent mode, only DND
* 500 call log limit (??! why)
* No call recording
* Dialer sucks in general, comparing to MI dialer - cannot search by number (if not in contacts), doesn't show date on call log (shows name of day instead) and more...
* Contacts - Shows everything... including 500+ useless google contacts that don't even have a number.
* I get **audible** notifications during call (???? again... why).. I now disabled some option, hoping this one will be solved..
* Annoying google pics cannot be removed (at least can be disabled). Google pics is annoying, for example if you delete a file it goes to a trash. I don't want a trash. And it asks you ten times a day if you want to sync your photos, no I don't want to sync my photos..

I'm sure there are more annoyances I just forgot now

I'm really contemplating installing MIUI on it, if it's even possible. (please don't tell me that MIUI changed so much that it is like this)
Oh of course not to mention, to unlock bootloader and root the device is hell

Comparing Android One to MIUI, Android One really sucks..
What do you think?

Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
Yep. MIUI has its issues, which we try to solve as much as we can here... but at least it's not as embarrassingly under-featured as barebones Android.
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