Backup mi2s > mi4

Jan 3, 2015

Is it possible to convert contacts, apps and data from mi2s device to mi4 device? If so, how?
What i have tried two times now is the following: back up from the mi2s, via PC copy backup folder map to the mi4 device. Problem than is that the mi4 device not see the file.
Someone who can help me? Thank.
Nov 27, 2012
There are several options... Personally I would use Google for your contacts.
And Titanium to backup and restore apps.

You could use miui backup online but, being Chinese servers, very likely to be very slow.

Using titanium is not a full system backup, but trying to do that... I would even bother. Just keep the 4 clean, connect your Google account. Copy the folder with titanium backups, and install titanium of course. Then restore all your apps. Manually re layout your screens.
Miui backup can't help you with that anyway. That is bugged unfortunately.

I would do it like this... Might be slight more work, but definitely less error prone.

But others might have better ideas.

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Nov 17, 2013
Yes MIUI backup can be uneficient for desktop arrangement, but still nice for other apps.
Copy all your internal memory to your computer (especially the android folder wich contains apps datas) after making a backup with MIUI backup, put everything on the Mi4.
After that step done on your Mi4 go to : parameters/system parameters/save & reset/local click on your backup and restore everything (without accoun informations)
You can try it or titanium as jack4ya said.