Banking Apps Issue


Aug 24, 2023
Hello Guys,
I need help, I have Stock MIUI 14 Global on Poco F3, battery drain is through the roof. I tried using a custom ROM like Arrow OS 13.1,
but now I have a problem that banking apps aren't working on that ROM.

Now I have couple of questions.

1. Is there any way to get banking apps on Custom ROMs like the Arrow one?
2. If I'll downgrade to MIUI 12.5 Eu, will the banking apps work?
3. Is it better just to downgrade to Global MIUI 12.5 and get it over with?
4. what's the main difference between 12.5 Global and EU beside Dialer app.

I just need stable performance, my apps to work and long battery life. what do you guys think?