Battery charge on pc?

Jun 24, 2018
Hello. I have xiaomi 4x, can you tell me instructions for charging the battery.

1. Often my battery is almost full in some 80% when I need data from the mobile and I plug it into a PC. This connection takes a few minutes while I transfer data and at that time the battery starts charging. I am wondering if this way I get the battery because it is charging a little and adds up to 2%, and if I find out how to transfer data to avoid filling it over the pc. When I connect the phone, he asks me if I want to load the battery, transfer data, transfer images. Anything to choose, even data or images, the computer will be able to access the phone as far as the data is concerned, but the phone is charging at that moment.

2. Is the battery to be charged or is it worth it if it is charged when it is below 50% or should it wait for it to fall below 20%? Thank you.
Jul 17, 2018
As long i know Windows connect to your phone via NTP or PTP. In the 1st Windows create a cache with all the content you ask to see. It may seem that all files are accesible, but you only se an ilussion. In the second case you only see the pictures on the device.

For the second question i recomend this link

I hope this help

Please forgive my english, its no my native language.