New Battery Drain With Rom 5.9.24 Compared To 5.9.18

Sep 23, 2015
I notice a greater drain on the battery than 5.9.24 compared to 05/09/18 on my Xiaomi redmi note 2 (I did a clean install).

It was also noticed many users on another forum. Please fixx it.

Feb 4, 2015
I found on mine the issue. the explorer app is hanging when it search for files on your smartphone. for me i have around 7500 music files on my sd card and if after a reboot i used a lot the explorer app, it stop searching and use around 50% of the CPU.
Try using cpuz app to find if your cpu is used.

I resolve this bug by waiting around 20 min after using my phone (after a reboot).
Maybe you have the same issue.

I will open a thread bug on miui forum for this.
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