Black Screen But Touch Is Working

Sep 1, 2015
My screen stop working yesterday. It's black and when I press the on/off button the screen lights up but is still black. The 3 touch buttons at the bottom goes bright. The touch is working because if I swipe over the screen it vibrates when my pattern password is incorrect. I can access the screen through Mi PC and control it. I tried to make factory reset but nothing changed.

Any one had the same problem? What should I do with the phone?
Thank you for the help!
May 31, 2016
Actually my Display was broken and i bought on from *******. I changed the Display by myself and while doing that i broke the motherboard. Actually it's not that hard to change, i have been just really stupid =) So now I have a completely new Display which I don't need anymore.
I will send it back to ******* the nex days.. but I have to send it to china and I don't really trust them to get my money back.
I got the disply including with the frame and so far I really think it's an original one.
I had to pay 80€ for the Display.
If you like you can have it for 50€ including all the Xiaomi4 stuff i don't need any more. So my old Mi 4- front and back camera, akku, wooden back case. You can also have the original packed Temped security glass & flip case which i bought on same time with the display.
If you are interested, please tell me very soon, because I have to send it to china soon if I want to have better chances for my money.

If you'r not interessted..before buying from ******* I had another display from Sunsky. that one was only like 35€ but fake. the led's havent been working and it broke without I have done anything