Blocklist and DND crashes at launch

Apr 17, 2014

For some reason, Blocklist and DND don't work properly. When I launch Blocklist within Security app, it crashes instantly. In settings, in DND options, when I want to add an exception, I select one and tap Done, the Settings app crashes.
I thought it's some bug and it gets fixed in the upcoming releases, but even when the update that brought Blocklist, came out, Blocklist was crashing the same way. I am using Mi3 WCDMA, and using cancro multilang ROMs everytime. ATM I have 4.5.23
Also, it is not a language thing. If I set language to English, same things happen. If you have cancro ROM as well, please report if Blocklist and DND works properly or not, because not for me.
How to fix this?