New Bluetooth bug?


Nov 23, 2020
Hello all, new here so my excuses if posting in the wrong place or if there's another thread already on this.

So I updated my note 7 to miui 12.0.2 a couple of days ago. Before that no problem with connecting via Bluetooth to my car (stable for many months both telephone and media). First time in the car after the update I can't play media and the telephone connection keeps cutting on and off (annoying since the car would beep and announce every time). I started troubleshooting after several times getting into the car (so restarting the car). My guess is the problem is with the phone since no change other than miui update.

Steps taken:
Rebooting the phone.
Forgetting connection and trying to join again.
*At this point I can't find the network from the phone, even though the car recognises the phone*
Reset WiFi, bluetooth and mobile network from settings.
Cleared Bluetooth cache.

After all of this I managed to get back to step one by selecting my device from the car and managed to get to unstable link for phone calls only. I can't connect for media and therefore the option to play media is greyed out from the car dashboard. In the phone now it shows on the Bluetooth list and says it is active for telephone, media and contacts. I have tried by disabling and enabling these to no avail.

Anybody can help?