Bluetooth / Navigation problem


Apr 27, 2011
With every MIUI Rom I've used, there's a problem where I start Google Navigation while Blootooth is connected to my bluetooth earpiece. I make a phone call. At that point, I hear navigation in the bluetooth headset rather than on the speaker of the phone. After this point, the phone will not make any sound. If I unpair the headset and turn off the navigation, the phone still doesn't make a sound. If I make a normal phone call, I can't hear the phone ringing the other person. I hear a sound which is when the other person picks up the phone, but if he says "hello", I can't hear it. So the loudspeaker will be dead, and the there's no sound through the earpiece. It won't work until I reboot the phone.

I'm using a TMOUS HD2 with any MIUI Release.