New Bluetooth Problems with MIUI 13

Aug 26, 2021
I use a mini BT Game Pad Magicsee R1 with BT 4.0 to control an app "Locus Map 4". But also to start tasks in Tasker.
In MIUI 12 Global, this also worked wonderfully. With MIUI 13 Global nothing works anymore. That's why I switched to MIUI 13 EU. But here, too, nothing works.
Normally, the keys send a key code. each key a different. And the joystick sends up, down, left, right and also a code.
I have recorded the whole thing with KeyEvent Display and then stored the code in Locus Map and in Tasker.
MIUI 13 does not receive or process signals from the joystick. For the keys, each key is processed with the code 0. It is not due to the game pad and Locus, because I can still process everything on a Samsung device.

Device: Redmi Note 10 Pro

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