Bluetooth Remote Doesn't Pair with the Projector


Apr 24, 2020
Hi all. I have an issue with my projector received a few days ago. This is an ultra-short throw Xiaomi 150" projector with a Bluetooth remote controller. The first step to set up the projector is pairing the remote with the projector. There is a very simple instruction for that, put the batteries is, press a button to initiate pairing, press another two buttons together and hold until you hear a beep.
It doesn't work for me, I tried it many times, changed the batteries, changed the location, turned off the projector for quite some times and repeated the process again, none of these worked. I was suspicious that the remote may be faulty, so I tried to pair my phone with the projector, no luck. I searched for Bluetooth devices on my phone and I could easily find the remote, which mean the remote is working properly. I even successfully paired the remote with my phone.
So I have come to conclusion that the projector's Bluetooth is not working, it is not activated. I contacted to the point of purchase (Kogan Australia), they said they are sorry, and a technician will shortly contact me, but it has not happened so far. I also contacted Xiaomi and they said they cannot help me on this as I have not bought it directly from them.
While I am waiting for Kogan to hopefully comeback to me, I wonder if anybody has any advice for me, has anyone experienced the same problem? Currently my projector is pretty useless as I can do nothing on that, not even to set it up, I am stuck.