New Bluetooth Volume Bug In Combination With Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker.

Nov 23, 2016
On both my redmi 3s prime (international Version) and on my redmi 4 prime (both on latest version) there is a bug regarding Bluetooth audio in combination with the xiaomi squere box Bluetooth speaker.
When you turn the Volume below 1/4 on your phone, the speaker will play at full Volume. At higher levels the volume controll works fine..
It is extreamly annoying, because it is impossible to listen to music quietly.

Other non miui devices like my ipad mini, my nexus 4 or my Windows 10 laptop dont have any problem controlling the voulme of the xiaomi speaker at lower levels.
Mar 16, 2016
No problem here. But i have a clicking / scratching noise at the speaker.
Mostly in lockscreen, when notifications do a display wake up.
Sounds like a bad Bluetooth signal because of out of range. Very anoying. Just Mi3, Samsungs are ok.

It seems to be a general MIUI bluetooth driver problem. The connection to my Bluetooth odb car Adapter is also not the best.

Mi3 cpmiui 6.12.15, Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

Jan 24, 2017
I'd like to report that I'm getting this exact bug with the square box Xiaomi speaker and my Redmi 4 prime. very frustrating!