Bricked my Mi 11 Pro in one of the dumbest ways


Feb 24, 2023
Hello, I stupidly bricked my Miui installation while updating from the Xiaomi apps, leaving me trapped in bootloop.

First of all im currently or better was using the China ROM with a locked boot loader (as far im aware of it). Already looked up in the topic and found a few ways to get out of my situation. The first try was with the MIUI Inbuild recovery which didn't help much. The second try was with MiFlash and the original china Rom with the "save user data" which results in "Error:not catch checkpoint (\$fastboot -s. *lock),flash is not done" another try with "clean all and lock" which ends "FAILED (remote: "Erease is not allowed in Lock State")" which as far im aware of is corresponding to the locked boot loader. Last try at least, for now, was with the Chinese gui based "MiPhoneAssistant" which fails by recognizing the phone at all.

I'm currently running out of options and i'm even fine with loosing my whole data on my phone
Jan 2, 2022
No I never did. I think the only way would be to flash a stock Chinese ROM and see if the phone "becomes" a new one with no details of the previous owner. As I have got Google Play and all the apps I need (Facebook, Twitter, eBay etc) there is no real need to unlock the bootloader at present. It can be a devil if the phone is secondhand I have found. Even though the original owner signed out and deleted the phone from his Xiaomi account!!