Bricked redmi note 9 pro


Jul 8, 2021
Hy guys!

I tried to install the new miui12 from this forum, over twrp. Wipped data and after that i click install selected the room and started install. I think i clicked on reboot after install. After i got back to my phone i tried to start it but it just flash a few sec the redmi logo and go black again. I cant put it in recovery or in fastboot mode. If i push the power button and any volume button its just keep flashing, and nothing happens.

I try no to download the miui12 from the seller - joyeuse_global_images_V12.0.1.0.RJZMIXM_20210519.0000.00_11.0_global_d236658133.tgz - and try to sp flash it or what. I heed a scatter file i hope there is any in the 4,5 gb i download now.

Did that happen to anyone else? What was the solution?

Thx in advice!