[bricked] Update to MIUI 4.3.7 failed

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi 3' started by Martijn Cogenbach, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Hi guys,

    I'm afraid I've broken my phone. When wiping all data through the MI3's recovery something went wrong. It got stuck at 98% when wiping. After 15 minutes or so I forced a reboot. Now the phone is dead: the screen stays black and it won't turn on.

    When connected to the USB of my computer, something still responds though. Windows reports the connection of a "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM3)".

    I did some reading to fix this. I tried downloading MiFlash and flashing a fastboot ROM. The process stopts almost instantly with this message:

    "Einde van bestand is bereikt.(0x80070026: Receiving hello packet)"
    That first sentence is Dutch for "End of file reached".

    All in all nothing happens and I'm left with a brick. I'm out of ideas. I would appreciate any insights you guys might have to fix my phone.


    WCDMA (Snapdragon) 64GB version Mi-3

    OK guys: the problem has solved itself. I let the battery drain overnight. This morning, the LED of the Xiaomi would start pulsing when connected to USB. It did not, however, register as a Qualcomm device on my computer anymore. I just let it sit for about an hour and all of a sudden it came back to life: it automatically switched on and booted into android. I'm a happy camper. No more premature forced reboots when updating for me... in fact, I think I'll stay away from updating the ROM for a while alltogether *grin*

    Hurray for the Mi-3!
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    Feb 18, 2014
    I so do understand what that feels like: Disbelieve, anger, rage, panic and so much later finally relief and happiness.
    Yesterday I experienced someting similar. I had installed CWM, everything was running smoothly, the phone rebooted, still ok. I kept on reading an article, rebooted inbetween and hold - for whatever reason - the volume down button. The result of this was that my phone only showed the picture below and did nothing else anymore. I pushed the power button for something like 5 seconds: Nothing. Tried volume up and down: Nothing. Then in combination with the power button: Again nothing. I also thought about letting it drain the battery, but then remembered that I had seen a screenshot of a Mi3 that had been running for over 9 days and had come down to 38% only. And mine just got fully charged. Then I remembered that I had seen an explanation of how to disassemble the phone. But for that I would loose the warranty. Then perhaps I should go to the Xiaomi Service Center in Shanghai, which now is about 180 km away. So no chance to go there during a working day. Meaning, having to wait till the weekend. But would this still be covered by the warranty? If not: How much would it cost?? Would they be able to fix it at all ??? Would I have to get myself a new phone as I briked it????

    Then in one of those forums I searched, I found the solution. If I remember correctly (with so much adrenalin memories are not that precise) it was a one-liner: Push the power button and hold it. I thought something like: I tried that, but perhaps if I am very, very lucky and I did not hold it long enough. So what the heck! Could it get worse? Probably not. So I hold the phone in one hand, pushed the power button and kept on holding it while I continued to search for a different solution. And with all of a sudden my phone switched off. So there was hope! Could it still be ok? I switched it back on and YES! it booted and started as if nothing ever had happened. As I mentioned in my first sentence: I so do understand what that feels like. :-D


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