[bricked] Update to MIUI 4.3.7 failed

Mar 9, 2014
Hi guys,

I'm afraid I've broken my phone. When wiping all data through the MI3's recovery something went wrong. It got stuck at 98% when wiping. After 15 minutes or so I forced a reboot. Now the phone is dead: the screen stays black and it won't turn on.

When connected to the USB of my computer, something still responds though. Windows reports the connection of a "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM3)".

I did some reading to fix this. I tried downloading MiFlash and flashing a fastboot ROM. The process stopts almost instantly with this message:

"Einde van bestand is bereikt.(0x80070026: Receiving hello packet)"
That first sentence is Dutch for "End of file reached".

All in all nothing happens and I'm left with a brick. I'm out of ideas. I would appreciate any insights you guys might have to fix my phone.


WCDMA (Snapdragon) 64GB version Mi-3

OK guys: the problem has solved itself. I let the battery drain overnight. This morning, the LED of the Xiaomi would start pulsing when connected to USB. It did not, however, register as a Qualcomm device on my computer anymore. I just let it sit for about an hour and all of a sudden it came back to life: it automatically switched on and booted into android. I'm a happy camper. No more premature forced reboots when updating for me... in fact, I think I'll stay away from updating the ROM for a while alltogether *grin*

Hurray for the Mi-3!
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Feb 18, 2014
I so do understand what that feels like: Disbelieve, anger, rage, panic and so much later finally relief and happiness.
Yesterday I experienced someting similar. I had installed CWM, everything was running smoothly, the phone rebooted, still ok. I kept on reading an article, rebooted inbetween and hold - for whatever reason - the volume down button. The result of this was that my phone only showed the picture below and did nothing else anymore. I pushed the power button for something like 5 seconds: Nothing. Tried volume up and down: Nothing. Then in combination with the power button: Again nothing. I also thought about letting it drain the battery, but then remembered that I had seen a screenshot of a Mi3 that had been running for over 9 days and had come down to 38% only. And mine just got fully charged. Then I remembered that I had seen an explanation of how to disassemble the phone. But for that I would loose the warranty. Then perhaps I should go to the Xiaomi Service Center in Shanghai, which now is about 180 km away. So no chance to go there during a working day. Meaning, having to wait till the weekend. But would this still be covered by the warranty? If not: How much would it cost?? Would they be able to fix it at all ??? Would I have to get myself a new phone as I briked it????

Then in one of those forums I searched, I found the solution. If I remember correctly (with so much adrenalin memories are not that precise) it was a one-liner: Push the power button and hold it. I thought something like: I tried that, but perhaps if I am very, very lucky and I did not hold it long enough. So what the heck! Could it get worse? Probably not. So I hold the phone in one hand, pushed the power button and kept on holding it while I continued to search for a different solution. And with all of a sudden my phone switched off. So there was hope! Could it still be ok? I switched it back on and YES! it booted and started as if nothing ever had happened. As I mentioned in my first sentence: I so do understand what that feels like. :-D