Brief introduction, I'm new :D

Dec 25, 2012
Seeing as it's the holidays and I'm still awaiting my family to arrive here I figure I'd quickly give a brief introduction and just generally say Hi to everyone.

I'm new to using ROMs, stumbled across a few prior to this one, and all I gotta say is Miui is best suited for my Galaxy Nexus.

With that been said: I'm completely clueless with somethings currently but like all forums I'm registered too I like to be as helpful as possible in providing a clean fun experience to other people new to this (like myself) and eventually become helpful to power-users needing a fresh mind's approach on a situation.

Um.. I should mention that I'm a 22 year old Canadian so if you see some words being spelled with a U (Like colour rather than color) it's not that I'm dumb, it's simply how it's done here. And for whatever reason trolls like to falsely put this out as a spelling mistake. So I felt it's okay to tell everyone this: Don't be ignorant.

Aside that I can't really think of anything else to mention that'd be worth mentioning...

So ah, Happy Holidays, don't drink and drive.
And I'm see everyone in the forums :D