New browser on 2.11.23

Sep 8, 2012
I'm using miui India build..

The browser used to keep open and prevent sleep whilst watching streaming video but now it closes and speeds after designated time which is a maximum of 10 minutes..

Unless I'm missing something?? Is there any way to either revert back to last version or get a fix for this??

Also.. for instance..

Go to

Select a southpark episode.. its strangely embedded with the viewable area and the menu to select other episodes
Sep 8, 2012
I couldn't even finish this message... it seems that scrollable areas in web pages.. like this websites message input box is not scrollable??...

Type in a message here.. click out of it.. then try to continue the message.. its exactly the same problem with the mentioned page.. embedded scroll boxes DO NOT SCROLL ANY MORE.. I did not have this problem before...

Hope to get a fix soon.. cheers

ingbrzy Multilang leader
Staff member
Feb 11, 2012
Why are you reporting bugs here when you are using MIUI India build..?