New [Bug report] App animations not fluid, Camera shutter lag, Updater keeps crashing and more!

Dec 11, 2021
Hello, Everyone! I found some bugs on the ROM on my Redmi 9T! I flashed because I want to try out MiUI 12.5 Enhanced since in Stock ROM, I don't seem to have the update. But, I noticed that when I open apps, there's no animation but when closing it, Its animation is like you're using a non-stock launcher (Idk how to describe this). Now, I opened the camera app to test out my camera and upon tapping the shutter button, It delays for 2 and-a-half seconds before capturing the picture. animations are not fluid, Updater is so buggy and battery drains faster than stock, No game driver on developer options. I had this ROM for 1 day and I think I want to go back to MiUI stock 12.0. but, (I think some are intentional for performance purposes?)
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