Bug Using Google App In 7.1.19/20 Release On A Mi5 Pro


Jun 8, 2016
Hi. I want to use long push on the right button to use the search screen feature og Google app.
If I use US language, everything is OK.
If I use french language, at the beginning, everything is ok. But, after a while (sometimes a few minutes, sometimes several hours), a long press on the right button doesn't launch the Google app. If I look at the settings in the googla app, Settings/Screen search, the 2 buttons are grey and it's impossible to enable them.
I have to go to my phone settings in Settings/Installed apps/Defaults/Assist & voice input to select again Google app in the Assist app to make my search screen working again.
I hope this bug report is posted at the wright place in this forum.
Let me know.