New BUG - Whatsapp and Dark Mode in Xiaomi.EU

Marty McFly

Aug 8, 2021
Good morning, colleagues and users of this amazing custom ROM. I am writing to you using a Poco F3 with Xiaomi.EU and I am delighted with weekly updates.

I have found a bug related to Whatsapp and dark mode. When I enter to Settings > Display > More dark mode options, Whatsapp does not appear to remove it. As a consequence, it is not possible to use the light mode in the app and when you set it manually, all the colors look quite strange and it is even annoying. I have also tried removing the two options "Set wallpaper to Dark Mode" and "Set texts and backgrounds automatically", without success.

Therefore, I have encouraged me to write to you to know if there is any way to include the Whatsapp application outside the dark mode to be able to use the light mode, Tell you that the phone is with the latest ROM MIUI 12.6 | 21.8.4 (weekly).

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