In Progress bugs for S2. Gallery Header not align

Mar 11, 2012
The header when gallery is open is not allign.. the letters following the no. is covered by the photos.
this only happen when you change your font to small.. hope someone will fix this.. :):)
anyways thank you guys for the best and stylist Rom..MIUI
Aug 6, 2012
Screenshot? I can't see any aligning problem on my device.
I can confirm there is no bug. Everything looks good. The only problem I have is that if I open gallery, there is "Open Camera" section where pictures from camera should be displayed. However, if I have my storage place set to external sd card, this is alway empty and I need to open Local pictures to see them. It is very annoying. Is this a bug or it can be set somehow to display images from external card? Thx.