New Bugs on Mi10T Pro/Redmi K30S Ultra apollo, 21.1.28


Jan 30, 2021
In Gallery, no photos are shown, but on albums tab they do. (to be precise, only media in "Camera" folder is shown, maybe it is an expected behavior)

MEMC control "Picture" button is not present in video toolbox, while the device supports it!

Some times, the device/app blocks for some seconds after launching app/using it just after reboot/power on.

When setting R easter egg in control center smart home area, shade becomes unresponsive and to restore device functionality a force reboot with power button is needed.

When setting Google home and then removing unwanted devices from shade via the pencil icon, after some time all devices show again.

Google Assistant doesn't show and work when sliding from bottom corner (only colored bar is shown) , but il Google works normally.
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