New Bugs XT910 - 2.10.26

Feb 13, 2012
Hi everybody!

First of all, I'd like to thank Miui team for developing the best custom rom for android devices!

I've just bought a Motorola Razr MAXX (XT910) and I've installed Miui version 2.10.26. It's amazing! I've found some problems and I'd like to see now if there is a fix or a configuration for each case.

1 - My wifi only works when I'm very close to the wifi router... It works perfect, but I'm having problems with wireless range.

2 - The photos of my facebook contacts are not been syncronized (as you can see on the attached pix).

3 - The amount of used memory differ from app manager and clear task (as you can see on the attached pix too). Which one is correct? Shouldn't all of them show the same information?

Thank you guys!